Päätöskonsertti: Toni Edelmann -muistokonsertti

Tue 10.7. klo 18:00
University of Jyväskylä main building,
Liput 44/40/34 EUR


Samuli Edelmann, Eija Ahvo, Lasse Hirvi (kapellimestari) ja Lasse Hirven orkesteri

The festival culminates in the memorial concert of composer Toni Edelmann (1945–2017). The vocalists of this unique and moving concert are two singers and actors: the composer’s son Samuli Edelmann and Eija Ahvo who has interpreted much of the composer’s work. The concert is led by Lasse Hirvi and accompanied by his orchestra.

The concert will feature a cross-section of Toni Edelmann’s extensive repertoire.