Helena Ratinen & Pekka Nättinen: Alvar ja Elissa

Sun 8.7. klo 12:00
Säynätsalo Town Hall,
Liput 29/27 EUR

Helena Ratinen (koreografia), Pekka Nättinen (musiikki), Helena Ratinen & Pekka Nättinen (esiintyjät) ja Keski-Suomen Tanssin Keskus & Lastenmusiikkiorkesteri Loiskis (tuotanto)

The architecture of Alvar Aalto, the art of dance and multi-instrumental music are woven into a compelling whole in the dance piece featured at the Säynätsalo Town Hall. Helena Ratinen explores and measures architectonic wholes and details in bodily ways. The stream of association flows from the physical space into memories, history, architectural theory, hearsay and the performance situation itself. Pekka Nättinen brings melodies and soundscapes to a place with a long and eventful history.