Sun 9.7. at 14.00
Duration 40 min
  • Children's Summer
Villa Rana, Blomstedtin sali, Jyväskylä

Pentti Rasinkangas & MuuSika PupuLar (FIN/BRA)

Pentti Rasinkangas (vocals and acoustic guitar), Sami Kontola (percussions, drums and backing vocals), Jarno Karjalainen (double bass, tuba, percussions and backing vocals), Mimmi Laaksonen (pump organ, flutes, percussions and backing vocals), Fabio de Oliveira (7-string guitar, cavaquinho, percussions and backing vocals), Karol Schittini (viola caipira and backing vocals)


The stories and melodies of Pentti Rasinkangas’ children’s songs have delighted generations. His joyous and thought-provoking songs appeal to both children and adults. Pentti Rasinkangas & MuuSika PupuLar perform Rasinkangas’ hits from past decades as Afro-Brasilian-Finnish arrangements, which keep the kids, the parents and the grandparents entertained. Traditional folk instruments and exotic rhythms create a children’s pop music and dance party for the audience!